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Buck, Goat, Aid Belay Gloves

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  • MaterialDeerskin or Goatskin
  • Weight96 mg


  • South Korea South Korea
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Buck Belay Gloves / Goat Belay Gloves / Aid Belay Gloves


1. Good for Protecting hands while using a rope and wearable by using two-way spandex.
2. TRANGO belay gloves has outstanding durability and easy to carry.
3. Multi-purpose uses like belay, descending, aid climb, auto camping, etc.
4. Additional skin to finger tip & palm for reinforce the durability.
5. Buck belay glove is made with soft & durable deerskin and Goat/ Aid belay glove is made with tough & strong goatskin.
6. Wrist carabiner hole makes easy to carry on safety belt. 

7. Size: Small, Medium, Large 

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Buck_ Goat_ Aid Belay Gloves

Buck_ Goat_ Aid Belay Gloves